Volcom Men’s Fricken Stripe Chino Shorts (34×30)

There is considerable variation in terms of the quality of men’s shorts, and particularly in those released by companies that are better known for releasing other goods (skateboards, for example). However, Volcom has created perhaps the most sturdy and fashionable shorts of this season with their Men’s Fricken Stripe Chino Shorts. The material that is used for these shorts is sufficiently thick if one does anything rigorous, be it skating, working on cars, or even just sitting around a bonfire.

The riveted (rather than sewn on) button ensures that the shorts can go through some serious paces, while the pockets in the Fricken Stripe are sufficiently big to stash wallets, cans of pop, or whatever miscellanea one may have on their person. Add a secondary change pocket at the bottom of the deeper one, and one ensures that change will not come out no matter how beat down a buddy’s couch may be. The subtle pinstriping that is one the Fricken Stripe allows for them to stand out alongside other solid-color shorts, as well as being semi-formal if a pair of slacks are in the wash.

Purchasing a pair of the Fricken Stripe is a great investment, as they should be able to hold themselves together over the course of two or three years. There are a few additional color schemes for these shorts, as well – an individual that does not dig the black stripe could conceivably purchase either the Blue Moon Heather or Grey Vintage stripe.

Rating: 8.5/10

Volcom Men’s Fricken Stripe Chino Shorts (34×30) / Volcom / http://www.volcom.com

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