Adrenaline By Jeff Abbott (Book)

It’s pretty clear just a few chapters into Adrenaline that (soon to be retired) CIA Agent Sam Capra will be back for more books. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

In Jeff Abbott’s latest novel, he introduces Capra, an undercover American agent working aside his pregnant with at the CIA’s London office. An explosion in the UK headquarters, shortly after his kidnapped wife lures him away from it, puts Capra under suspicion by his fellow agents and eventually sends him AWOL as he travels the globe trying to track down his wife and child, her kidnappers and some really nasty folks involved with smuggling women, weapons and a slew of other bad things.

To make the book even more compelling, the bad guys aren’t always so obvious in this one.

Abbott takes a fantastical story and through compelling characters, Capra at the top of the list, has turned in a great thriller that begs for more adventures. Adrenaline’s ending makes it clear Capra and crew have just begun.

Adrenaline By Jeff Abbott; Hardcover; 416 pages; Grand Central Publishing; 2011

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