All-American EFX – Cell Rush (Orange Flash)

The type of pre-workout that one uses really determines the type of workout that one can do. The better pre-workouts will stick with a user longer after the workout closes up, while there are some products that are on the market that peter out in the middle of even a light intensity workout. The way in which All-American EFX creates their Cell Rush is smart – it links together Kre-Alkalyn with Beta-Alanine to combine two of the hottest pre-workout products on the market.

The Kre-Alkalyn is buffered in such a way that it allows proper absorption by the muscles, rather than being destroyed by the acidity of stomach acid. The inclusion of the Beta-Alanine will keep individuals workout rather than hitting the wall, while allowing for more reps at heavier weight than would normally be possible.

By just taking a single dose of the Cell Rush, an individual will be able to amp up their exercises and stay at the top of their form, no matter how vigorous or long their workout may be. Taken together with proper vitamins and other supplements, this pre-workout product by All-American EFX will allow for gains and plateau busting in a way that few products can do. Make sure to check out their other products; the company will have your back, no matter what type of exercise that one puts their back (or any other of their parts) through.

Rating: 8.5/10

All-American EFX – Cell Rush (Orange Flash) / Pre-workout /

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