At the end of last winter, we thought we were a few weeks away from completing our latest album, SEESAW, until a hard drive “glitch” deleted every last piece of it.

After a few months of false starts and false hopes, SEESAW eventually found its way to the same company responsible for airplane black box recovery. Almost five months after the process began, we miraculously had our album back. I actually laughed hysterically for about ten minutes after getting the news, finally realizing how close we were to losing the album which we had spent nearly a year and a half assembling.

SEESAW will (we promise this time!) see the light of day in early 2012, but we’ve launched a double A-side ALWAYS ON MY MIND | THE LAST DAY (includes artwork of my grandfather in the 1940s) to tide everyone over. We’re also making it available for free at bandcamp until Halloween:

If you want to know any more information about the recording of SEESAW, photos, etc. go to this below site:

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Author: James McQuiston

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