BCAA Plus (Amino Acids)

As individuals work out, they burn up pretty much everything in their body – the food that they have eaten, their muscles, energy, and even the building blocks known as amino acids. Prolab has created a supplement in their BCAA Plus that should be present in the cabinets of anyone that wishes to take their exercises to the next level. Aside from containing the aforementioned amino acids, the BCAA Plus also provides individuals with Vitamins C and B-6. Each container of the BCAA Plus contains a full 30 doses, with a price (about $35) that will make it easy to test whether the Prolab version is for you.

I would contend that the BCAA Plus is at a level above similar products that are on the market as the inclusion of additional vitamins ensures for greater absorption of the amino acids. By not allowing muscles to eat themselves while increasing the level at which one recovers, the BCAA Plus will ultimately create a net muscle gain. If an individual takes the product alongside other proper supplementation (protein, vitamins, and a pre-workout drink), there is no reason that they will not break through plateaus and do reps at weights that they previously would think impossible. Consider the BCAA Plus if you are running out of the amino acids you have or would like to add the supplement to your daily regimen.

Rating: 8.4/10

BCAA Plus (Amino Acids) / Prolab / http://www.prolab.com/product/bcaa-plus/

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