Chuggington: It’s Training Time (DVD)

This volume of Chuggington contains six distinct episodes that will keep children interested for a hair over an hour. While each of these episodes represents teaching of a different moral, I feel that there are some common threads to be enjoyed here. For example, with the same set of characters, children will be able to come to know and enjoy them – they may even have a favorite, for example. “Wilson Gets A Wash” teaches proper bathtime etiquette, while “Wilson’s Smooth Move” will imbue a considerable amount of self-esteem upon anyone that may watch it. “Eddie Finds Time” may just be my favorite episode on this DVD, as it will sew the seeds of patience while keeping childrens’ attention.

While each of these episodes does teach a good lesson, the vibrant colors and computer generated graphics are what will immediately draw viewers in. Unlike many shows, Chuggington is able to keep scenes fairly static over the course of a minute or two. The slower-paced keel to the show will keep the viewers contented but quiet; I feel that more shows should ultimately do this in the future.

The age group that will enjoy It’s Training Time would likely range between 3 to 8, and I feel that those in that age group will be able to watch these different episodes a number of times before ultimately putting up the DVD. Anchor Bay releases Chuggington DVDs at a fairly regular clip, so fans of the show should not have to wait too terribly long before another collection of their adventures is released. There is an additional feature present on this DVD – a mini episode called “Running on Time” – that further increases the value of the purchase.

Rating: 7.5/10

Chuggington: It’s Training Time (DVD) / 2011 Anchor Bay / 62 Minutes /

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