Collagen Sport (Whey Isolate)

There are many different whey protein isolates on the market, and while they are seen as some of the best proteins one can buy, the quality of each differs greatly. Neocell has attempted to flip what an individual expects from their protein; Collagen Sport is the result here. The product should be used in a way similar to other protein powders – as a post-workout drink that will facilitate muscle development and decrease the recovery time required.

However, the presence of collagen peptides here will further ramp up the body’s response to recovery, while the different vitamins and antioxidants contained will ensure that an individual is the healthiest that they could be. The 30 grams of protein that are available in each serving place Collagen Sport right in the middle of other protein drinks, while the BCAA bundle will cut out the need to further supplement with amino acids. For those that are sensitive to specific materials, Collagen Sport does not have wheat, sugars, or gluten or any sort of artificial sweeteners.

What results in Collagen Sport is a product that works throughout the day and does so in a way that is head and shoulders beyond what other proteins can offer. If you are a runner, weight-trainer, or just want to properly supplement, there is no reason that you should not check out Collagen Sport. Whether man or woman, there are enough bells and whistles present to allow one to break a plateau and to see some serious gains, no matter what type of goals that one may have set for themselves. Check out this product at any well-stocked store or online shop – you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

Rating: 8.0/10

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