Drambuie (92 Proof)

Drambuie is one of the spirits that we tried for years to get here at NeuFutur, but we were never able to firm up a contact for it. However, we were able to finally get in touch with someone and were able to receive a bottle of it for review.

When we actually received the bottle of Drambuie, we were immediately shocked about how unique of a spirit it truly is. The spirit itself is a blend of malt whiskey with honey and different spices and herbs, meaning that there is a considerable sweetness to be had despite the high alcohol content. The spirit is largely intended to be enjoyed on the rocks (or otherwise straight), and I feel that the alcohol’s unique flair makes this a different experience than merely doing shots of a bottom-rung vodka or whiskey.

For those that are steadfastly against drinking Drambuie straight, there are a few distinct recipes that can be made – the Rusty Nail being key of these. The Rusty Nail is a cocktail in which 9 parts of Scotch are mixed in with 5 parts of Drambuie, garnished with a twist of lemon. Make sure that the Scotch that is used here is at least of the level of Drambuie, and one will be sent away on pure bliss. Drambuie has gotten a facelift in terms of the label, and I believe that this will increase the wow factor that it has. However, I believe that an individual has to actually taste the spirit to see exactly how amazing it is. Drambuie should be in the cabinet of anyone that likes whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or any other of those ferocious spirits that have more than a fair share of bite to them.

Rating: 9.3/10

Drambuie (92 Proof) / Spirit / http://www.drambuie.com

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