Egypt Central – White Rabbit (CD)

Egypt Central has been around for a minute on the national rock scene, but I believe it is with White Rabbit that they will become the best known. This is because the album is chock-full of solid singles, while the band does a great job in linking together the disparate bits and pieces of their style. “White Rabbit” begins with “Ghost Town”, a track that will immediately capture the minds of listeners. With bold arrangements and a production that further highlights the band’s strongest sides, the momentum that Egypt Central enters into “White Rabbit” with is substantial.

Casual listeners will be familiar with “White Rabbit”, the band’s first single off of the titular album. Where most people will come in expecting more tracks to sound like “White Rabbit”, I feel that a number of cuts from the album are more catchy and fulfilling than the single. Take, for example, “Change”. “Change” is a song that will still with listeners long after the title finishes up – the band’s propensity to create earworm-like arrangements truly gives them a leg up on similar bands. What “White Rabbit” does as an album is never give up – the tendency for a rock album to gradually wind down does not occur here.

Rather, I feel that the band ramps up with each subsequent track. This means that the penultimate effort “Surrender” tears the walls down, while “Backfire” ties up any loose ends that the band may have created over the course of the album. Make it a point to check out “White Rabbit” whenever you get a moment – Egypt Central may not be a household name yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that they will be when the sweet strains of the title come to be.

Top Tracks: Ghost Town, The Drug (Part One)

Rating: 7.4/10

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