Hung – The Complete Second Season (DVD)

HBO’s favorite man whore is back for a second season.

Hung, starring Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker, a former high school jock now coaching at the school, is still trying to rebuild his old burned out house, while juggling clients (women only), a one-night stand with one of his two pimps (again, women only) and now his ex-wife (played by Anne Heche). While season one was all about quickly introducing the characters and setting up the circumstances that lead to Drecker becoming a gigolo, the show is now in a comfortable place, allowing the characters to settle into their roles.

Drecker’s other pimp Tanya (played perfectly by Jane Adams), a hippie who stumbles into the job, still manages to steal every scene she is in and makes you wish the season were longer than just 10 episodes.

Hung – The Complete Second Season/350 Min./2 DVDs/2011/HBO Studios

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