Jessica London Coleen Bow Soft Pants

The comfort of these pants is nothing less than complete – the fabric that is used here is nothing less than top notch. Couple the inclusion of smart fabric with a very forgiving type of cut, and individuals should be able to wear the Coleen Bow Soft Pants in pretty much any situation, no matter whether it is casual or formal. The high-cut waistband that these pants employ allow for a flattening of the stomach, all while making for a closer and more form-fitting cut than other similarly constructed types of jeans.

There has always been a problem with plus-sized clothing having the same level of high fashion that “normal” clothing has, but the team here has made a pair of pants that keeps up with the bleeding edge of fashion. By doing this, the Coleen Bow Soft Pants are revolutionary – they show all that clothing should come in all sizes and at a price that is immediately approachable by anyone that wants to buy them. Their range of sizes should make it easy for women of all sizes to pick up this bit of high fashion – the brown of the pants works well as a neutral.

I am frankly surprised at the quality of the Coleen Bow Soft Pants, especially considering that the company just came on the market in 2007. If the next wave of clothing to come out has nearly as much care put into it as these Soft Pants, I have no doubt that the company will be selling out of their stock. If you want a comfortable pair of jeans that will last a long time while shining no matter what way one uses them in, take a good hard look at the Coleen Bow Soft Pants.

Rating: 8.7/10

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