Kendra: Seasons 2 & 3; Holly’s World: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (DVD)

Let’s get Holly’s World out of the way first. With plenty of plastic surgery and a grating voice she heads off to Mecca for those who like to disrobe for strangers: Vegas! The show follows Madison and her dim assistant (even for realty show sidekick standards, she is jaw-droppingly ditzy) in their new city, where Madison has taken up residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where she headlines her own burlesque show. There is episode after episode of contrived set ups… but enough about that. Let’s move on to Kendra.

Unlike Madison, who comes off like a B actress simply playing a role, Wilkinson’s real personality shines through. Kendra follows her and her NFL husband through the birth of their child, a series of moves as his career takes him across the country (Philadelphia, Indiana, LA, Philadelphia again, etc.), and her struggling to get back into shape. Sure there are obvious set ups, but you aren’t as bothered by them as Kendra and those around her come off as extremely likeable and interesting to watch (pretty nice combo if you’re going to have a realty show).

We are obviously at the paramount of realty TV (I’m talking quantity, not quality here) and while most are worth skipping (like Holly’s World or anything starring a Kardashian), surely you can make some room for a show as fun as Kendra.

Kendra: Season 2 & 3/3 DVDs/575 mins./MPI/2011

The Complete Seasons 1 & 2/3 DVD/500 mins./MPI/2011

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