Living Is Winning (DVD)

The amount of vim and vigor that the human spirit has present is something that no scientist could measure, but the willpower that certain individuals can exert will astonish even the most skeptical. Living Is Winning showcases one of these individuals, Andrew Johnson. Johnson’s desire is to win the Ironman Lake Placid, a race in which ey was knocked out of back in 2004. Laid low with a severe injury, it seems as if Johnson will be unable to make a serious go of any other Ironman races.

Living Is Winning showcases the journey from injury to entering the race. Moving locales to the scenic Kailua-Kona Ford Ironman, the crux of the action in the documentary surrounds whether Johnson will be even able to finish. What ultimately happens will surprise anyone, and the dramatic tension present in this film will appease even those that are fans of drama or human interest stories. The video shooting style is solid, while the interview segments are short and to the point.

Living Is Winning is the perfect documentary to watch is an individual needs a pick me up or is otherwise down on their own abilities. If Johnson is able to come back with such a forceful entry at the end of Living Is Winning, then what exactly will you be capable of? Check out Living Is Winning at your local video store; it is also available at any one of many of the different video shops online.

Rating: 8.0/10

Living Is Winning (DVD) / 2011 Passion River / 105 Minutes /

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