Marc Ecko Blue (Cologne)

This is one of the newest colognes that we have had the chance to review for NeuFutur. It is a fresh version of the Marc Ecko flagship line, and has a fragrance profile that represents current thoughts and trends in the cologne. I believe that it supplements the 2009 release by Marc Ecko, Ecko by Marc Ecko, nicely.

This is due to the fact that individuals will be immediately struck by its distinct qualities – the first thing that individuals will notice is the fruit (namely citrus) nose that issues forth from the bottle. Soon after, the fruit side of things opens up to include black cherries and plums, with bits and pieces of floral bouquets peeking their way through. An eclectic link between fruits, flowers, and herbs constitutes the fragrance’s main body. With each spray, a different set of fragrances come forth; some cold, some bright and vibrant – all will immediately paint the wearer as an intrepid and interesting person to be around.

The cologne can be purchased online or at any department store; check out Marc Ecko Blue is you are a fan of Ecko by Marc Ecko or of truly innovative additions to the cologne counters. Keep an eye out for other additions by Marc Ecko in the years to come – if they have put this much work into one cologne, imagine what they can do with each subsequent season.

Rating: 8.5/10

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