Moon Mountain Vodka (80 Proof)

We rarely receive straight vodkas for review in NeuFutur. This is likely because there are not many different types of plain vodka that are being added to the market. What is much more common is flavored variants of traditional vodkas (Stoli, Smirnoff); we were excited to see (and experience) what a new hand could do to the tried and true vodka format. Moon Mountain Vodka is a new product, and it showcases the limits of what vodka could be at a price that anyone can afford.
The spirit has a normal bouquet and alcohol content, but that is truly where the comparisons to other vodkas cease. There is a complexity to each sip of Moon Mountain Vodka that simply is not present in any other vodka. The grain flavors come out boldly, but I feel that there are hints and flashes of spice, floral elements, and maybe a more acidic type of fruit at the end of things.
I’m unsure of the type of spread that Moon Mountain Vodka has, but I would love to see what an intrepid bartender would do given a bottle of the vodka and their bar. I feel that the spirit would do admirably in shots and on the rocks, but that it would have the same unique flavor in a cocktail or a mixed drink. I can speak from experience that a screwdriver works perfectly, but you would have to see how your favorite drink stacks up to how it is normally fulfilled.

For those individuals that would like to see how Moon Mountain tries their hand at flavored vodkas, they offer two distinct varietals – Wild Raspberry and Coastal Citrus. We have not had a chance at reviewing them, but are confident that they are made with the same love and care as the main Moon Mountain Vodka.

Rating: 9.1/10

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