Naked Truth – Shikaru (CD)

The type of music that issues forth during Naked Truth’s Shikaru is incredibly interesting, even more so considering the breakdown of the members. Both the Pat Methany Group (Cuong Vu) and King Crimson (Pat Mastelotto) are represented, while Roy Powell is the pianist and Lorenzo Feliciati rounds out the act on bass and guitars. What results on Shikaru is a mélange of the different influences and styles that each member brings to the table, all done in a way that ties together past, present and future paths in music. This can first be heard during the disc’s inaugural track, Faster Than An Automatic Door.

Where it seems that the different tracks on an album play to a different constellation of the band’s strengths, each track on Shikaru the constituent members of the act creating something decidedly greater than the sum of their parts. The threads that are present during the title are based on technical skill, allowing for tracks like 66 and Ossimoro to differ greatly from the initial music here.

The album stays strong through the latter half, as the five-plus minute finale Ahkton acts as a microcosm of what listeners have heard as well as a brief peek into where the band will take listeners on their subsequent albums. The jazz style is something that works for Naked Truth, but should not be seen (or understood) as a constraint. On Shikaru, there are hints of blues, funk, soul, and even hard rock – there is virtually something for everyone by the end of the album. If you like bands that skillfully shift through influences and styles, make it a point to pick up the Naked Truth album.

Top Tracks: Faster Than An Automatic Door, Shining Skin Syndrome

Rating: 8.5/10

Naked Truth – Shikaru (CD) / 2011 Rare Noise Records / 8 Tracks /

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