Natrol Slenderite (Weight Loss)

A great number of the reviews that we at NeuFutur do for the health and fitness section focus on the workout supplement side of things. However, there are a number of supplements that are intended to work well if individuals have a more sedentary or light-workout based lifestyle. Natrol’s Slenderite is a perfect example of one of these supplements; it has been formulated to work well regardless of how intense an individual works out or how close to a proper diet that they stay.

This is due to the fact that the product blends together proven fat-fighting compounds like EGCG and 5-HTP with Green Tea Extract. After getting an individual’s metabolism ramped up, the presence of White Kidney Bean Extract works on the food that one has and will have eaten. Rather than begin to store them, Slenderite makes an individual’s body reject extra carbohydrates. After individuals take their dose (2 pills twice a day), the amount of hunger will decrease while the amount of energy present will drastically increase. While there are a number of commercials about the latest and greatest supplements with which to lose weight, I believe that the Natrol Slenderite may just be the one pill that individuals should search out. With a month supply running about $24, someone that may be a little cautious can easy see what the pill does for them.

I have a great feeling about Slenderite; if you work out a little bit and eat right alongside taking this supplement, there is little doubt in my mind that one’s weight will drop with each weekly weigh-in. The supplement is safe for individuals of all ages, of practically all health levels, and should be in anyone’s medicine cabinet.

Rating: 8.5/10

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