NJ’s Leema Mountain to Release New 7″, New Track For Download Now

Leema Mountain is a band from Northwest New Jersey. It can also be just one guy from the same place. Since 2004, Leema Mountain has taken many names and therein lies his history. Eventually, Lima turned into a 4 piece band called Lima Research Society. Lima Research Society played hundreds of shows and went on many small tours with Math the Band (also on Slanty Shanty). They also self-released a 4 song EP called “WOO! and EP”, and a full length called “Don’t Give Up, Don’t Get Down”. As all things do eventually end at some point, members of the band went their separate ways (all in good cheer) and in 2009, it went back to just Lima. At this point, Lima self-released “BROTHERSISTER” and that was later released as a tape on Slanty Shanty’s Tape Club. Then in early 2011 Lima changed names for the last time. This time drastically to Leema Mountain… and so here we are. You never know what kind of music (or name) you’re gonna get from him. It ranges from small simple ukulele songs to huge orchestral pieces to noise, but one thing is certain, he’s really extra fun to talk on the phone with.


Summer Blood Cover

Leema Mountain – Summer Blood 7″

1. Bike Rides After Dark
2. I See the Summer in You
3. Daily Life

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