Olivia: Princess for a Day (DVD)

Olivia: Princess for a Day contains eight episodes of the show; the double-length episode that lends its name to the DVD is where viewers will most often find themselves. Beyond that, episodes like Tip Top Tapper and Olivia Becomes A Chef are humorous, informative, and will keep the attention of any child that may be watching them. I found myself to be a fan of Olivia Goes International, which has Olivia creating eir own country after being unsure of which one to pick out for eir class’s international day. Another solid episode present on this DVD has to be Olivia Becomes A Chef. In this episode, Olivia has to finds a way to keep eir mother out of the kitchen while ey creates the best possible meal.

This video will be a perfect purchase for a birthday or other holiday; the nearly two hours of Olivia that is present on this DVD will be more than enough for children ages 5 to about 10. While the MSRP of this DVD is about $17, there is a good chance that you will be able to find it at an online retailer for a few dollars below that. Make sure to pick up Olivia: Princess for a Day and one’s children can be shown the value of being inquisitive and polite, all while being properly placated and interested in what is going on with the show.

Rating: 7.0/10

Olivia: Princess for a Day (DVD) / 2011 Nickelodeon / 107 Minutes / http://www.nick.com

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