Paranormal State: The Complete Season Five (DVD Set)

It seems that a number of the different reality shows begin to show their age after the first few seasons, but that Paranormal State is able to buck that trend and keep itself fresh throughout. This ghost hunter show makes sure to ratchet up the drama, especially through the use of their cutting edge tools and night vision lighting.

This DVD set captures all of the episodes from the fifth season of the show, ensuring that viewers are fully immersed in the series without having to fast forward through or otherwise ignore the commercials that are present. For those fans that have already seen what Ryan and the Paranormal Research Society have done during the episodes this season, A&E have included a number of additional features. This means that there are a few cast commentaries spread throughout the DVD release.

I found these commentaries to be particularly illuminating, as they do more than just provide a second voice in the background. Rather, they provide great appreciation for the events that did happen in the episode, while giving further background for some of the haunted sites as well as for the technology that they use on the show. What results on this DVD is something that is cohesive, coherent, and can be purchased for a song. Make your way over to online retailers or brick and mortar locations to purchase Paranormal State: The Complete Season Five; while the MSRp is about $25, intrepid buyers can buy it for half of that.

Rating: 8.0/10

Paranormal State: The Complete Season Five (DVD Set) / 2011 A&E Entertainment / 420 Minutes /

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