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We’ve had the Premier Protein Shakes on our shelves for a few weeks, largely because our reviewer was a mite bit afraid of the Strawberry flavor. However, ey bravely forged through and was rewarded with one of the best ready-made protein drinks that ey has had as a NeuFutur reviewer. Essentially, all one needs to do to make the Premier Protein Shake possess the best possible taste is just to stick it in the fridge for a few hours.

This means that the vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavor can come through like a flavored milk, while the 30 grams of protein that are present in each shake can go to one’s muscles. The 160 calories that are present in each shake are low considering the sheer amount of muscle-building material that is present here, while the low amount of sugar (1 gram) will make the Premier Protein Shake into something that works even for those that are on a diet. Finally, for those individuals that are concerned about the environment, Premier Nutrition has placed each of their shakes in a tetrapak, which is largely crafted from renewable resources.

However, when one looks at the pure use of the Premier Protein Shake for those that work out on a regular basis, there is simply no comparison to the other products on the market. The Premier Protein Shake stands head and shoulders above these other products, and can be purchased at a price point that has to be seen to be believed. With 18 shakes going for about $35, there is no reason that one should not check out what sort of benefits the product can bring to you.

Rating: 9.1/10

Premier Protein Shake / Vanilla and Strawberry / 30 Grams /

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