Pucker Grape Gone Wild (Vodka)

Grape is one of the most common vodka flavors and is quite possibly the easiest one to screw up. We reviewed the Pucker Vodka take on Green Apple a couple months ago, and wanted to see how they did on their take of Grape. The great thing about the Pucker Grape Gone Wild is that it contains all sides of grape flavoring, tying together wine and the fruit’s flavor along with the grape popsicle flavor that one will likely remember from childhood.

What this means is that there is a complexity present in the Grape Gone Wild that simply is not there with other companies’ flavored efforts. While one could conceivably sip the Grape Gone Wild, I feel that the vodka shines brighter when put in a shot or in a bomb. If one shoots it, chances are good that the vodka’s complexity will give the imbiber a wide variety of flavor combinations. Where it seems that many of the different flavor vodkas are ultimately forgettable, the Grape Gone Wild will give buyers a night that they will not soon forget.

With a price that is around $15, there is no reason that one should not pick up a bottle if they are already fans of grape (or other similarly-flavored) vodka. Pick it up at your local well-stocked liquor store or state shop.

Rating: 9.0/10

Pucker Grape Gone Wild (Vodka) / http://www.puckervodka.com

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