Rezolution (Fat Burner / Energy)

There are a number of thermogenic and energy-providing supplements on the market. However, few work as well as LG Science’s Rezolution. There are a number of specific functions for Rezolution; one can use it to cut weight or to provide energy for working out. While I used it to provide day to day energy and also to properly amp me up before my weight-training days, those that are looking to shed a couple pounds or to just add a little bit of calorie burning to their normal routine would do well to purchase a bottle (or two).

The blend of different ingredients is enough to keep the weight off and the hunger urges down; where a few supplements of this ilk bring back hunger substantially, Rezolution makes it easy to ignore snacking or other bad behaviors. There is no jitteriness or other drawbacks that we can find with Rezolution; the geranamine base here does not cause any of the problems that have been associated with ephedra or other different diet substances.

For those that are concerned about the long-term effects of Rezolution, there is simply no crash aspect to the supplement. The amount of energy that is provided by the pill is substantial, but things gradually cycle back down to normal over the course of a few hours. Alongside other normal supplements like vitamins and amino acids, I would have to say that Rezolution represents a must-buy. Check out your local fitness store or any of the well-stocked online storefronts – you will not be disappointed in the energy and the weight loss potential of Rezolution. Check out the LG Sciences website for more of their products – there are different efforts by the company for practically ever side of working out.

Rating: 9.2/10

Rezolution (Fat Burner / Energy) / LG Sciences /

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