Sound of Insects (DVD)

Peter Liecthi directed this film based on a novel by Shimada Masahiko, “Until I Am A Mummy”. Sound of Insects focuses on an outdoorsman happening upon a desiccated corpse of an older gentleman; the film rapidly moves into a discussion of the events that led up to eir death. The film is tremendously introspective and will have viewers wondering about their own life and times by the end of it; the trees stand for a city scape in a stunning way.

Where the narrative is interesting enough on its own, I found that the cinematography was the strongest side of Sound of Insects. Just the way in which each scene is shot, the ability of two distinct lines to be weaved throughout this film represents a revolutionary way to create a film. While Sound of Insects will take a few viewings to properly get, I feel that the sheer content of this film will reward anyone that gives this sort of time up.

Lorber Films’ version of the film has a sharp picture and similarly fitting audio, and provides a wider distribution to a film that would normally be forgotten about. I was not familiar with the works of Liecthiup to this point, but the sheer quality achieved by Sound of Insects is enough that I wish to search out anything that ey has or will be doing. If you like films that truly make you think, this existential look on life and death should be the next thing that you search out. A simply sublime flick, I know what I will be recommending for the rest of the year.

Rating: 9.0/10

Sound of Insects (DVD) / 2011 Lorber Films / 88 Minutes /

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