Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea (Keurig Cup)

It seemed for a moment that the Keurig machine may be limited in terms of what it was capable of. There are some days, particularly during the summer, that one does not want a hot beverage. To combat thirst during the summer, Green Mountain has released a Southern Sweet Tea using their Brew Over Ice technique. This means that one puts a glass of ice down underneath their Keurig spout and brew as normal. What results is a tea that is very close to the types of sweet tea that individuals will have if they take a trip down south.

Being brewed hot does not change the style or taste of the tea, and I feel that the product succeeds over other sweet teas on the market. While it is getting closer to autumn with each passing day, I personally would love to see the company’s take on lemonade or even non-caffinated versions of root beer or cola. There really are a number of different options that the company could persue in the following quarters, so see exactly what they come out with this fall, winter, and make sure that your Keurig machine is in good working order.

Rating: 8.3/10

Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea (Keurig Cup) / Green Mountain Coffee Roasters /

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