Spice + Wolf: Season Two (Blu-Ray and DVD Set)

Spice + Wolf is an anime that looks to break free from some of the different trends and topics that are commonplace in the genre. By doing this, the show moves from something simply good to a must see. While the happenings in the show are larger than life, there is a sense that what happens to Craft and Holo could have conceivably happened at some point in history. The 12 episodes that are present in this DVD set provide viewers with an intricate story about the different economic intrigues in the society, a story that interacts with the desires of making it to Craft’s home city of Yoitz. There is a sense that this show could benefit from additional episodes; there is a freshness present to the 12 episodes here that never decreases, no matter how many times a viewer pops in the disc. The five and a half hours of show provide viewers with a tremendous amount of backstory without bogging them down with minutia; every character, area, and interaction has a more nuanced and intricate feeling than would be present in similar types of shows.

Funimation has given viewers a tremendous amount of value when it comes to their Spice + Wolf: Season Two release. They have placed it into a combo pack with Blu-Ray and DVD formats, and have added a number of different features to further pad out the release. This means that there are text-free versions of the introduction and ending songs along with different trailers; the “Studying” and “Stretching” shorts add an additional dollop of context for those that wish to get into the society in which Craft and Holo exist. Buy it today at your local anime-carrying store or online retailer.

Rating: 9.2/10

Spice + Wolf: Season Two (Blu-Ray and DVD Set) / 2011 Funimation / 325 Minutes / http://www.funimation.com

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