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Despite the gradual acceptance of larger sizes in a number of different stores as well as a larger number of malls containing plus size-based stores, the simple fact is that there is still only a small fraction of the clothes available for the slightly larger set. IGIGI, by Yuliya Raquel is a company that is attempting to make bleeding-edge fashion available to women of all sizes. The Tribeca Top that they offer, at a price point of $85, is a perfect example of what they are capable of.

The color scheme of this top is simply impressive. This means that there are hints of turquoise, blue, and the black belt on the top acts as a way to unite them all. The cut of the shirt allows for the neck and upper chest of the wearer to be shown, while the high belt ensures that there is a smart line all the way down the wearer. The shirt, despite looking very beautiful, is made in a fashion that will ensure that it lasts through a number of parties, dinners, and the like.

The earthy yet vibrant tones of the Tribeca Top ensure that an individual could wear a number of different bottoms, be they pants, shorts, jeans, or even skirts. The top just pops, and I believe that this is precisely what the plus-sized set needs. There is a haute couture aspect to this company, but they are able to create these goods at a price that practically anyone can afford. Check out the link in the review to see the extent of what they have available – there should be many possible options for the late summer, fall, and winter.

Rating: 8.5/10

Tribeca Top / IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel / $85 /

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