Valeo AW20 (Ankle Weights)

I think that training with ankle weights is something that is largely ignored by individuals interested in fitness. However, there are some serious benefits to be had when it comes to using weights on one’s extremities. The 20 pound weight of these ankle weights is just enough to create some serious resistance and allow individuals to gain muscle mass on the aforementioned part, as well as on the calf and higher leg. The Valeo ankle weights are better than many that are currently on the market, as they have lengthy Velcro strips which allow for substantial amounts of variation in ankle size to be had. The straps that hook onto these strips are sturdy and will stay in place on the Velcro, no matter how hard of an exercise that an individual may be doing.

While I have to admit that they are not completely fashionable, the amount of benefits that one can gain from using them on a regular basis far outstrip that. Where there will always be room in a workout regimen for calf exercises and leg extensions, I feel that walking around with the Valeo AW20s will work the muscles in a fashion that they rarely receive. What will result will be bigger and stronger muscles than would normally be present with traditional cable or gym workouts. They will be functional for years after purchase, but are priced at a level that even individuals that may just be getting into fitness and working out can pick up.

Go to the Valeo website and look for yourself at the sheer amount of fitness aids that they have available – along with a good workout plan and proper supplementation, there is no reason that one cannot have the highest possible amount of fitness.

Rating: 8.5/10

Valeo AW20 (Ankle Weights) /

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