Win Win (Blu-Ray)

Fans of Arrested Development will find Win Win to be a tremendously funny movie; the off the wall tenor of the film keeps things at a frenetic pace. The film is a veritable who’s who of comedic actors, including Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Tambor, and Bobby Cannavale. In Win Win, a lawyer takes a second job as a wrestling coach. When both jobs begin to run over into each other, the hijinks incurred gradually increase. With the addition of different individuals from the lawyer’s family, things start to go south. Will ey be able to break free of the rut with the inclusion of a virtuosic student, or will negative forces ensure that ey continues to eke out a meager life.

The video quality of this Blu-Ray is sharp, with the directorial style making the overall film a darker affair than would normally be present. For those that have the current generation of Blu-Ray players and television, the sharpness of Win Win is simply amazing. Ditto for the audio track here as well; the banter back and forth cannot be better captured.

The number of bonus features on Win Win are significant, and will provide viewers with a tremendous amount of additional value. There are a few deleted scenes, the original theatrical trailer, and a 6 minute discussion between Joe Tiboni and Tom McCarthy. There was not too much of a hubbub surrounding this film during its original engagement, but I believe that Fox has done a tremendous job in bundling the film in Blu-Ray format. If you missed the film the first time around or just want to see a great little bit of cinema, make it a point to pick up the Win Win Blu-Ray at your local video store.

Rating: 8.0/10

Win Win (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Fox / 106 Minutes /

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