Woman’s Ghost 4 (Shoe)

There are a number of different applications that one can benefit from when wearing the Ghost 4. While there is a sense that this is a running shoe, the smart design of the Ghost 4 makes it work admirably for anyone that is working out or otherwise putting miles on it. The 9.3 ounce weight of the shoe will make it seem as if individuals are wearing nothing at all, while the mesh of the top side of the shoe allows for moisture to immediately wick away from the foot.

For those that feel as if many running shoes let them down when it comes to providing arch support, there are significant additions to the cushioning that is present. What results in the woman’s Ghost 4 is a shoe that will continue to aid runners no matter how long their session may be. I am also a fan of the tread that Brooks has placed on the Ghost 4 –while not adding anything to the weight of the shoe, the cut of this tread makes sure that wearers will be able to turn on a dime no matter where exactly they might be running. The resilience of the shoe will mean that one that buys the Ghost 4 will be able to use it for well over a year, if not longer.

At a cost of $100, there is no reason for an individual not to pick up Brooks Running’s Ghost 4. It is simply the best running shoe for women on the market. The shoe comes in two distinct color variations – a green/yellow/grey and a sea foam / blue – and can be purchased at any good shoe store or runner’s shop.

Rating: 9.4/10

Woman’s Ghost 4 (Shoe) / Brooks Running / http://www.brooksrunning.com

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