Women’s Original-Fit Basic Jean

I did not know that Carhartt released clothing beyond their coats and work-based gear. We at NeuFutur received a pair of their Woman’s Original Basic Jeans for review, and cannot be happier with the quality of what we received. First off, the cut of the jeans is fashionable and will look good on the young adult set (16-35). Secondly, sizing is on point and an individual that is a certain size should expect the Carhartt jeans in that size to fit like a jean. Finally, they match anything, be it tshirts, blouses, tank tops, or even wifebeaters. Formal or casual, the Woman’s Original Basic Jean by Carhartt simply works no matter how an individual wishes to work it.

The amount of customization that one can have with Carhartt jeans is simply fantastic; in the woman’s collection alone, buyers can pick up jeans in Relaxed, Easy, Original, and Curvy fits – to say nothing about the sweatpants, bib overalls, skirts, and other pieces that they offer. Pick up the Woman’s Original Basic Jean in either black or blue indigo and you will not be disappointed. At about $40 for a pair of jeans, they fit in nicely to the cheaper side of things.

The rugged design and thick denim used in these jeans will ensure that they can last through a number of washes and seasons. It’s getting colder with every passing day, so make sure to pick these up before the stock runs out – you’ll thank me later.

Rating: 8.5/10

Woman’s Original Basic Jean / Carhartt / http://www.carhartt.com

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