ZigTech Bra Top

The ZigTech Bra Top by Reebok represents a must-buy for any woman that is looking to exercise with any sort of passion or intensity. The quality of the fabric ensures that there will not be chafing or any problems that can be associated with an overly-loose cut. The Bra Top is versatile, ensuring that women that run, weight train, or do any one of a large number of sports will be able to appreciate its styling and fit.

Aside from the fit, the fabric that is used here by Reebok – the mesh overlay – brings all sweat away from the body and allows it to evaporate quickly. While not important for those that workout inside or during the day, the presence of reflective tape on the shoulder straps will allow for night runners to breathe easily. At a $50 price tag, the ZigTech Bra Top represents a tremendous value. This is due to the fact that it will last over the course of a few years, created of a sturdy material that will look good no matter how much weight one loses or how much muscle mass one puts on.

The number of colors present – black, blue, purple, and what they call uberberry – will ensure that the Bra Top will work no matter what bottom and shoes that one may have on. There are a number of different companies creating women’s workout clothes, but I feel that Reebok has one over on them. The care that they take in designing and crafting the ZigTech Bra Top makes this product stand head and shoulders over anything else that is on the market. The next time that you are looking to purchase new workout clothes, buy a ZigTech Bra Top.

Rating: 9.4/10

ZigTech Bra Top / Reebok / http://www.reebok.com

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