Lie to Me: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)

This DVD set contains the last thirteen episodes of Lie to Me; while the shows had slightly softer ratings than did the other two seasons, I feel that the writers and actors were able to really create a special series. The backstories for each of the main cast of characters were further fleshed out this season, while there is a sense that there could be some serious story arcs should the show have made it to the fourth season.

Rebound, an episode starring Victoria Pratt, is perhaps the strongest effort put forth this season. In this episode, the Lightman Group is given the opportunity to check out a client’s boyfriend’s background. When eir story does not end up checking out, it is up to Foster, Loker, Reynolds, and Torres to bring eir into custody. The series ends with Killer App, where a murder of a former associate of Foster makes the case that much more personal. Julia Campbell and David Sutcliffe star in Beyond Belief, which looks into the allure that self-help leaders have over their followers and what exactly they could get these followers to do in their name.

Make sure to purchase the third season of Lie To Me; strong enough sales may just be what Fox needs to bring this show back on the air. The premise of the show was fresh enough and the cast cohesive enough that fans of television in general (rather than of mysteries specifically) will find something that they can appreciate here. With a full 10 hours of features, Lie To Me’s third season DVD set should make anyone happy – get it to them as a holiday or a birthday type of gift.

Rating: 8.3/10

Lie to Me: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set) / 2011 Fox / 572 Minutes /

Lucky (Blu-Ray)

Lucky is a film that has an interesting premise. A childhood friend and current gold digger (Ari Graynor) marries an individual that has just won the lottery (Colin Hanks). Marrying eir for all of the wrong reasons, it gradually comes into view that the lottery winner is much more dark than previously thought. As a result, this significant other is forced to do increasingly illegal actions just to make sure that they continue reaping the benefits of the lottery win. For those expecting a slapstick comedy out of Lucky, don’t; this title is much more of a dark comedy a la Heathers than anything. The situations that occur in the film are humorous, but there is a much more heady look into the human psyche than anything.

Lucky is a film that will be a cult classic in twenty years; the unconventional tack taken by the title is so off of the wall that it becomes hard to pigeonhole it into a set of genres. The acting is solid; Lucky calls back to an earlier play tradition in that the multiple motivations held by each of the main characters just smack of those in a Shakesphere or Greek play. It is this traditional feeling that makes me such a large fan of the film – one could conceivably cut the scenery down to fit on a stage and have a solid play.

The Blu-Ray version of Lucky will undoubtedly benefit anyone that purchases it – the video quality is substantially better on the Blu-Ray version than the DVD, while I feel as if the audio quality is more crisp and clear than the Amaray counterpart. Online retailers are currently selling the Blu-Ray of Lucky cheaply (under $20).

Rating: 7.4/10

Lucky (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Phase 4 Films / 103 Minutes /

C-BOL (Creatine)

Creatine has been one of the widest used supplements since it came into prominence in the 90s, but the different varieties of the stuff can make choosing a product confusing. Thermolife’s C-BOLis powered by the inclusion of creatine nitrate, and will further benefit those that purchase it by the presence of their nitrate techonology. Creatine nitrate allows the expulsion of additional water, while ensuring that muscles can growth without any sort of systemic block.
The VasoDianabolic side of C-BOL is where one’s bread will be buttered – the increase to one’s pump is simply fantastic. The gradual increase in muscle size and energy ensures that one’s workout is not negative effected – for the first few times that one takes C-BOL, they will notice that they are much more able to take longer workouts and end as strongly as they have began. With each subsequent week, muscle growth will increase and will keep doing so – just make sure that one has a workout plan in mind that can properly be expanded as one becomes stronger.

The main thing that we noticed about C-BOL is how long the product works. Where it seems that most boosters peter out at about the two or three hour mark, C-BOL’s effects were being felt about 7 or 8 hours after the initial dosage. Talk about breaking a plateau is common for those that have been working out for any length of time, and I believe the different compounds and efficacy of C-BOL will be enough to break any individual’s plateaus. Take it alongside a normal regimen of supplementation, and one will be able to do higher weights, add a few reps here and there, and have some of the best workouts that they have ever had.

Rating: 9.1/10

C-BOL / Thermolife International /

Phase 7 (DVD)

There are a number of horror movies that look to take a more comical take on the genre. The amount that these films vary in terms of quality and of star caliber involved is similarly substantial; saying that, it becomes necessary to look at reviews and determine whether this is a hit or miss.

Phase 7 is a title that does not benefit from an American’s familiarity with their actors – this is an Argentinian film. However, there is more than enough to the plot that individuals from across the world will be able to identify with and appreciate what was put down to film here. At the beginning of the film, a virus is at the beginning stages of infecting the world. When it becomes evident that this virus has hit a group of individuals at an apartment complex, the authorities immediately quarantine the area. As this blockade continues, it becomes evident that the government is not going to provide assistance for those living in the apartment. When the inhabitants learn that there is a stockpile of food in an apartment, all niceties and human-level behavior go down the tubes.

Phase 7 is a look into the psyche of humanity; is that how individuals would act if they were locked up without any extra form of assistance? The blurring of the lines between drama and dark comedy is such that fans of both genres will appreciate what is present here. The English subtitles of the film feel fitting and do not take the viewer out of the immersive experience of Phase 7. Check out what The Collective is doing with their back catalog, and be prepared to watch some solid world films as a result.

Rating: 8.2/10

Phase 7 (DVD) / 2011 The Collective / 95 Minutes /

1001 Touch Games (Nintendo DS)

1001 Touch Games is the perfect time waster. The title has (as one can guess) over 1000 levels of a variety of different titles which will get one’s digits going. The titles themselves do not use bleeding-edge graphics, but are a fun type of casual game that players of all ages can appreciate. The different genres of games here are substantial – along with hidden object searches, one can play mahjongg, matching titles, and a wide array of sports-based games. The title is priced cheaply (a hair under $20), ensuring that this can become a stocking stuffer for any DS owners this holiday season.

The beauty about 1001 Touch Games has to be the array of different titles here – one can seriously spend days of playtime on the title without experiencing everything that the title has to offer. I would like to see further games in this franchise – perhaps a 1001 Word Games or 1001 Sports Games to be released on a regular basis. If Maximum Family Games can do that, I have no doubt on my mind that they will have copies of their games flying off of the shelves. Make sure to give this game some love, especially if you have a job that lets you play the DS or have a doctor’s appointment or other function that requires large amounts of time to be wasted. Simply fantastic.

Rating: 8.3/10

1001 Touch Games (Nintendo DS) / 2011 Maximum Family Games /

Body Octane Game Day (Pre-workout)

I have been working out seriously over the course of the last fourteen months, and I have shed about 95 pounds and have packed on a decent amount of muscle. However, I found myself hitting a pretty serious plateau towards the end of my last pre-workout drink. We received the Body Octane Game Day a few days back and have begun to use it as our primary pre-workout. The product’s formulation was enough to break me free of this plateau – caffeine, Yohimbe, and a whole host of other chemicals unite to provide individuals with massive amounts of energy without the jitteriness that is present in other similar products.

When entering into a weight-training day, I was able to add about 5-10 pounds on a number of exercises. This was particularly noticeable on arms day, where I was able to complete press sets that I would normally fail out on. In regards to cardio days, I feel that the Body Octane Game Day works admirably. The increased energy that is provided by the Body Octane Game Day can add a few minutes to one’s time on the elliptical, in jogs around the neighborhood, and even in team sports. I would like to see MAN Sports add a few flavors to the Body Octane Game Day line – the Lemon-Lime Chiller will be easy to chug down, but I feel that variety is good. If all of MAN’s products are at the same level as the Game Day pre-workout, I would have to put my strongest recommendation on their line.

Until then, I know that this pre-workout provides me with the energy I need to begin and end strong, no matter which exercises that I may throw at it.

Rating: 9.1/10

Body Octane Game Day (Pre-workout) / Lemon-Lime Chiller / MAN Sports /

Go Vacation (Nintendo Wii)

Go Vacation is one of those few titles that individuals of all ages can appreciate and be challenged by; where a number of all-ages titles are made too easy for the older set, I feel that Namco Bandai’s Go Vacation will challenge all equally. The narration of the titular activity is such that players will be entered into their own world after they pick from a wide array of avatars.

The control scheme on the Wii is such that a few minutes of fiddling with them will provide all one needs to know about the games that are to follow. Different mini-game comprise the bulk of this title; Go Vacation succeeds where a great many similar titles have failed because they are able to properly differentiate the experience that individuals have when they take on the game’s new challenge. Picking up stamps, hang-gliding, playing a game or two of tennis, and golfing just represent a small fraction of the things that a family can get into with Go Vacation.

Here’s to hoping that the company can release updates to this game (or an outright sequel) a year or so after the release of this inaugural title. Believe that being able to break free from the split-screen similarity that is required in other games of its ilk will be how Go Vacation distinguishes itself. With a tremendous amount of activities that are available to players, there is no reason why this should not stick in a Wii for months after purchase. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I cannot think of a better Wii title to pick up – if one is 8 to 80, this will likely be one of the best things they receive in their haul.

Rating: 8.4/10

Go Vacation (Nintendo Wii) / 2011 Namco Bandai /

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit (CD)

This is a hell of a debut. Where there are a considerable amount of first recordings that seem to be a route toward a more polished second album, Wilson immediately hits the ground running from the beginning of the album’s first track. This titular song provides listeners with a microcosm of the sounds, styles, and overall approaches that Wilson will be taking with the album. Canyon in the Rain is (relatively speaking) one of the shortest tracks to be encountered on the first half of Gentle Spirit. However, it tells just as much of a story as others of its ilk, and provides a lead-in to the much more pointed and intense tracks that will hit listeners on the second half of the album. Magic Everywhere is the penultimate track, ramping things back up for listeners familiar with the longer-spaced elements of the album’s first half.

Valley of the Silver Moon is the final track on Gentle Spirit, and it is a must-listen. This is because it is what links what listeners have just heard with Gentle Spirit and marries it to what one can only presume are the different ways in which Wilson will take subsequent albums. I know that Wilson’s Gentle Spirit will stay in my CD player for the next few months; the compositions that are present during tracks like Don’t Give Your Heart To A Rambler and Ballad of the Pines speak volumes to the human experience. Anyone that has experienced even a fraction of what life has to offer will understand exactly where Wilson is coming from, and will be listening to every word that ey has to say.

Top Tracks: Valley of the Silver Moon, Don’t Give Your Heart To A Rambler

Rating: 9.0/10

Jonathan Wilson – Gentle Spirit (CD) / 2011 Bella Union / 13 Tracks / /

Tim Mayer – Resilience (CD)

There is an absolutely sage sound to the tracks on Resilience that belies the youth of tenor sax player Tim Mayer. While a more youthful disposition would have Mayer push eirself to the front of each of the album’s 10 tracks, Resilience has a much more varied and intelligent use of the aforementioned instrument. Nowhere is this heard as well as during the introductory For Miles; the track is able to have all members of Mayer’s band add significantly to this and subsequent tracks.

It is the interplay that is had between Mayer’s sax, Dezron Douglas’ bass, the drums by Willie Jones III and George Cables’ piano that make this album such a must-listen. When there are guest stars on a track (Mayer plays with such current luminaries like Claudio Roditi, Don Braden and Mark Whitfield), they take the same approach to creating music that Mayer does. This soft-spoken sound makes for incredibly sharp and strong versions of classics like Monk’s Work and the stunning Dance of the Infidels. There is a vitality present on Resilience that simply is not present on many albums.

While jazz may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I feel that the way in which Mayer orients each of the cuts on this album should be seen by anyone that is looking to create an impressive album. Taking Resilience as a blueprint, artists would be able to make an album that impresses musically as well as emotionally. Check this CD out from Jazz Legacy Productions today, and see which releases and recordings Mayer plays on through the end of 2011 and beyond. You will not be disappointed.

Top Tracks: I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry, Dance of the Infidels

Rating: 8.7/10

Tim Mayer – Resilience (CD) / 2011 Jazz Legacy Productions / 10 Tracks /

Twinlab Energy Fuel Tablets (Energy)

Twinlab has made it possible for individuals of all income levels to provide themselves with a supplement that will create a tremendous amount of energy without making them crash (a la gas station pep pills). This is because they have made their Energy Fuel product in tablet format – Vitamin D and Chromium will ensure that one is able to properly accept the blend of different herbs and fruits present. Tried and true products like Yerba mate, Acai, Green Tea, Guarana and Resveratrol are all here; caffeine amps up things that much more.
The spacing of supplementation with the Twinlab Energy Fuel Tablets is essential – if one uses them about a half to a full hour before eating, for each meal, one will notice a solid amount of energy along with a quicker metabolism. Twinlab’s effort here provides the perfect amount of energy no matter which activities one busies themselves with – I feel that if one is just going to work, working out (either a light or a heavy workout) or even just needs a pick me up, that Twinlab Energy Fuel Tablets should be the next purchase.

Keep an eye on Twinlab in the months to come – they are actively releasing new and improve versions of many of their products that will push them past any competing company on the market. Whether one needs vitamins, electrolytes, energy, or even protein, Twinlab has the sort of products that one should look into.

Rating: 8.4/10

Twinlab Energy Fuel Tablets (Energy) / /