Matthew Herbert’s forthcoming album, One Pig, made entirely from recordings of a pig’s life cycle from birth to plate, is out October 18th on Accidental Records. In celebration of this imminent release, Accidental Records is sharing a Micachu remix of album track, “December.” Premiered yesterday via Pitchfork, this is one of several Micachu remixes of One Pig tracks that will be released as an EP in late November. It follows Micachu’s involvement as a writer on the One Pig project (she is credited as a writer on the track, “December,”) and continues a long-standing relationship with Herbert, who also produced her first album.

One Pig – The Micachu Remix EP track listing:

1. September (Micachu Remix)

2. November (Micachu Remix)

3. December (Micachu Remix)

4. August 2010 (Micachu Remix)

5. August 2010 (Micachu’s House Remix)

About One Pig

One Pig is the story of a single farm animal’s journey from birth to plate. The album is made exclusively from sounds recorded on that journey and Herbert was literally there, microphone in hand, as the animal was born. Continuing to visit it through its life, Herbert then documented its death, butchery and consumption, before making an album from the results. He also commissioned a series of unusual objects from the animal, including a pig skin drum, dye, paint, candelabra, and an instrument which plays the animal’s blood.

Matthew Herbert talks about his motivations for creating One Pig in this film about the project:

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