Agent 8 3/4 (Blu-Ray)

There are literally tens, if not hundreds, of spy movies that were created after the James Bond series of films really began to take off. While a number of these are unashamed ripoffs of the Bond franchise, Agent 8 3/4 is a title that has its own allure. Bouncing between humor and action, this film seems to have a lot in common with the spirit possessed by the Austin Powers series of films. Being chased back across the Iron Curtain, Nicolas Whistler has to ensure that ey comes back to England still alive.

VCI Entertainment’s version of Agent 8 3/4 is crisp as all get out; while the title was originally shipped to theatres back in 1964, there is a vibrancy that only a skilled hand can create with a reissue such as this. With a MSRP of $25 (and a few bucks off at different online retailers), Agent 8 3/4 is a film that has to be picked up by anyone that fancies themselves a fan of the espionage genre, whether sent up in a serious or comedic fashion.

Agent 8 3/4 may not ever take itself too seriously, but the film benefits from absolutely inspired acting (the cast includes Dirk Bogarde, Robert Morley and Sylvia Koscina) and a plotline that will have viewers sitting on the edges of their seats throughout. Keep an eye on the slate of different films that VCI Entertainment is releasing in the next few months – as of late, they have been on a tremendous tear. Pick up the Blu-Ray of Agent 8 3/4 if you can; the shift over to the new format will only be expedited by strong sales in that format.

Rating: 8.5/10

Agent 8 3/4 (Blu-Ray) / 2011 VCI Entertainment / 97 Minutes /

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