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There are a number of different pre-workout supplements that do not contain creatine. For those individuals that still wish to get the energy from their pre-workout plus the recovery time increase and muscle growth of creatine, the All-Pro Science Pure Creatine is the perfect product. One just needs to take 5 grams of the stuff (which comes in a 2/3rd pound bottle) and they will gain the benefits that normally comes with creatine.

I found myself tying together this product with NO-based pre-workouts, as a great deal of them miss out on taking up creatine. What will result using this stack is nothing more than impressive; one will get the crazy pump of the Nitric Oxide while not blowing one’s self up for workouts later in the week.

All-Pro Science has not loaded this product down with other vitamins, minerals, or other inclusions – this makes it perfect for linking it with pre-workouts, fat loss supplements, or anything else that one tends to use. At $13.99, there is no reason why an individual should not search out a bottle of the Pure Creatine and see what is up. Make sure to continue to surf the All-Pro Science store, as there are a number of products that they offer that will go well with this.

Rating: 9.0/10

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