Anubis Gate – S/T (CD)

Metal knows no cultural or geographical bounds. That is precisely why Denmark’s Anubis Gate has came out of the gate with some of the most furious metal that we have heard so far in 2011. The band is able to tie together a number of disparate styles and sub-genres of metal into something that is fully unique. The band’s sound has changed considerably with Jacob Hansen out as vocalist and Henrik Fevre in, but the same determination and impressive musicianship is still present in droves.

There is an evolutionary shift forward in the band’s sound with this title; “Facing Down” is a track that will match beat for beat any of the current crop of metal bands, while The Re-Formation Show is a cut that will appease any fan of classic metal. Providing their take on a wide array of sounds, this self-titled release speaks to listeners and tells them that each different solo, the different interplays between guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, and each overall sound created here represents in some small part the current iteration of the band. What results at the end of this latest album is something transformative; with such a great grasp on what metal has been and will be in the years to come, Anubis Gate has made it painfully clear that they are in the drivers’ seat.

Anyone that fancies themselves to be a fan of metal should search out a copy of this self-titled effort; prepare to have one’s face melted off even as the melodies and harmonies achieved here with soothe even the most savage beast. Anubis Gate is here and they are not looking to leave.

Top Tracks: Hold Back Tomorrow, World in a Dream

Rating: 8.5/10

Anubis Gate – S/T (CD) / 2011 Nightmare Records / 10 Tracks /

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