Barbie Jet Set & Style (Nintendo Wii)

Barbie Jet Set & Style will be one of the hottest games this winter. This is largely due to the fact that it is Barbie related and that it is on a current generation of console. However, THQ has made Barbie Jet Set & Style a great game instead of resting on their laurels. For those players that would wish to actually become a cosmetologist when they grow up, THQ has included a wide array of unique options for Barbie and the game’s other models. While individuals can just set up the game and play, I like the actual storyline that is present here. The points that one gains with each iteration of clothing, makeup and the like will give players the option to move on to different stages – each of which represents a move closer than being on the arm of Ken.

Barbie Jet Set &Style is also on Nintendo DSi for those individuals that do not have a Wii; the game-play is similar, but I would really recommend the additional functionity of the game on the Wii. Overall, this may be the best licensed titles that we at NeuFutur Magazine have had the chance to review this year. The sheer amount of playing options that are present to individuals is staggering, while the bright colors and catchy music will ensure that each playing session is as long as possible. Here’s to hoping that THQ continues to release games in the Barbie line, as Barbie Jet Set & Style showcases a match that is really made in heaven.

Rating: 8.0/10

Barbie Jet Set & Style (Nintendo Wii) / 2011 THQ /

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