Bearfoot – American Story (CD)

I find what Bearfoot does on their American Story to be tremendously interesting. This means that the style of music that they play is tied to 19th and early 20th century America, but has been updated to really become germane to listeners in the current era. Bearfoot thus creates in the 10 tracks on American Story a title that will be appreciated by fans of different stripes, touching upon roads often traveled but rarely mastered.

From the disc’s first track, Tell Me A Story, there is a certain clarity of composition and intricate arrangement that will stick with listeners. Creating harmonies not only through the interplay of different elements but through the relation of vocals to other vocals and to the rest of the band, Bearfoot succeeds with whatever they throw at listeners. I believe the most interesting side to Bearfoot on American Story has to be how the guitar and bass link themselves to the mandolin and fiddle; Come Get Your Lonesome has to be the best track on American Story due to this back and forth.

Keeping things going strong throughout, I find myself coming back to the final three tracks on the disc – Kill the Rooster, Billy, and Mr. Moonshine. Comprising a miniature epic of sorts, I feel that there are common threads that are weaved through this part of the disc that make American Story end even more gloriously than it had begun. I want to see Bearfoot live – I believe that the energy and vitality that they bring to each of the album’s tracks will only be multiplied in the live format.

Top Tracks: Tell Me A Story, Come Get Your Lonesome

Rating: 8.6/10

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