Big Namba Studio Backpack (Bag)

If one goes to a department store or office supplies store, they will quickly notice that the quality of a great many of the products that they offer is sub-par. It is incredibly hard as a result to find a backpack or bag that will stand up to every day rigors while still having a fashionable look to it. I believe that the Big Namba Studio Backpack is able to provide purchasers with a tremendous amount of space and a great look, all while being presented at a price that all can appreciate (about $160 MSRP). The bottom of this back is designed like a rolling suitcase, providing a much more stable base than other backpacks have.

Beyond this, the thickness (of padding and of width) of the straps makes carrying even the heaviest loads something easy. Keeping the width factor in mind, Namba Gear has allowed even the biggest laptops more than ample clearance – up to 17” computers can be successfully stowed away. Opening up the front pocket will give purchasers the ability to put away cords, phones, and writing implements – there is an additional pocket that they have provided for that additional bit of security.

I understand that one can purchase a book bag for about $20, but the rugged demeanor and large amount of storage present in the Big Namba Studio Backpack will mean that one could conceivably be trucking around the pack for a decade or more. Check out Namba Gear’s web site today to see what other sorts of products that they offer – I have a good feeling that whatever need that one has in terms of storage will be able to easily be sated by the company.

Rating: 9.4/10

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