Bored to Death – The Complete Second Season (DVD)

The second season of HBO’s most underrated comedy is brought to you be the New Yorker and pot. I can’t prove it, but based on the number of mentions of the magazines and number of times someone flames up a joint, spread out over the eight episodes, there has to be some kind of product placement deal that was made.

Regardless, the season is still extremely entertaining. The show follows Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ames a one-time novelist and freelance writer who has now works as a hipster Brooklyn private detective (unlicensed of course). The real Jonathan Ames, a New York writer, created the show. George Christopher (played by Ted Danson) is the publisher of a New Yorker-esque magazine (there you go again) and a mentor/buddy of Ames. Ray Heuston (Zach Galifianakis) is Ames’ cartoonist buddy. While the first season was spent building up the characters’ backgrounds and setting up the circumstances that had Schwartzman’s character becoming a part-time Craig’s List private eye, the second season, settles into a much more comfortable feel, focusing a lot on Heuston and Christopher.

Even more satisfying than the first season, the only frustrating aspect of Bored to Death is the fact that each season is only eight episodes long.

Bored to Death – The Complete Second Season /2 DVDs/326 mins./HBO Studios/2011

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