eM – Promise Me Single (CD)

The attention span of the average music listener is short; most tracks are able to end in about three minutes. eM feels that they can create a track in Promise Me that will keep the attention of these listeners, and I feel that they are able to succeed with this single. The track looks back to the days of Kraftwerk for inspiration; the band is able to modernize that sound into a shuffling, twisting, and popping journey. Multiple listens should be necessary, to hear exactly what is present in every nook and cranny.

The vocals come in after a few minutes, spinning the track into a completely different direction. The vocals should be enjoyed in two distinct ways. While listeners can use them in a traditional way – to further the narration of the track – I believe that the harmonies achieved by then should be seen as a larger part of the arrangement. Promise Me is a track that, despite its longer run time, is over as soon as it begins. The insistent tempo of Promise Me makes it into the perfect sort of dance song; eM will be able to be fit into a rave, no matter whether they like disco, trance, or even dubstep.

The B-Side to Promise Me is You Don’t Know, which takes up the vestments of industrial music – the dark and gloomy backdrop of the track will remind listeners of the factory-heavy section of their town. The vocals are switched slightly in sound, with hints of Bjork and Switchblade Symphony uniting with the aforementioned arrangements well. There may only be two tracks on this single, but I believe the longer run times of each track provide listeners with ample opportunities to understand who eM is and what they are looking to do for electronic music. Keep an ear to the ground about this single – I believe that it will gain considerable rotation as more individuals are turned onto it.

Top Tracks: Promise Me

Rating: 8.7/10

eM – Promise Me Single (CD) / 2011 Self / 2 Tracks /

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