Frogger (3DS)

At some point, there is nothing to Frogger. One has to avoid different moving (fast and slow) objects to get to the other side. How Konami ultimately makes it into a title that individuals will want alongside all of the different titles being released for the platform is something that I want to look into.

The multiplayer option that is presented here allows up to four players a chance to showcase who is the best player – the different boards that are provided during Frogger 3D are fresh and interesting. What was just originally a variety of colors and a few enemies has increased to create something that is continually changing and bringing players back in to the fold. However, I find the most interesting change to the classic Frogger game play would have to be the inclusion of side characters. These characters provide players with a set of other attacks and moves, which will make later levels just a slight bit easier. The difficulty cover that players will encounter makes it that quite a few levels will go by without incident.

After that, however, all bets are off. This level of difficulty is ramped up to such a degree that one will be spending hours to solve and otherwise finish the last few levels on Frogger 3DS.
The game play and multiple additions that have been made to the original Frogger game are enough to turn on a completely new generation to the franchise. I would like to see Konami release additional games to the aforementioned franchise, ensuring that an individual’s mettle is truly tested. Buy a copy of Frogger 3D for about $30 at any local game store – one will continually have it in their 3DS for months to come.

Rating: 8.6/10

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