John Scott’s Nitro – Myto Charge (Fat Burner)

It seems that a great many of the supplements on the market that tout themselves to be stimulant-free fat burners do not have the sheer effectiveness of caffeine-containing supplements. However, we were able to receive and test a sample of John Scott’s Myto Charge, a blend of different compounds that will work perfectly in tandem with a pre-workout or other set of daily supplements. This is due to the different sides of the supplement – the Mitrochondrial CPT Boosters contain L-Carnitine, Rhodiola Rosea, Lipoic Acid, and other bits and pieces to get an individual’s metabolism going, with an Appetite Control blend that will ensure that an individual stays full throughout the day.

Tying together Hoodia with Cayenne Pepper and Ginger, the Myto Charge keeps individuals going strong with the interactions between the aforementioned complexes and the different fat metabolizers that are present. These fat metabolizers represent a wide range of elements that have been shown to keep an individual svelte – Yohimbe, Fucoxanthin, Evodia and more unite to ensure a long-lasting and jitter-free experience with the Myto Charge.

At $40 a bottle (for 20 servings), someone that has just ran out of their fat burning supplement should take a long, hard look at what Myto Charge provides. I believe that, dollar for dollar, it represents the cheapest and most effectual fat burning product on the market. Unlike other stimulant-free fat burning supplements on the market, Myto Charge does actually work and may just be what is needed to take off and keep off the weight. There is little said about the power of supplements to break through an individual’s plateaus, but I believe that proper supplementation may just be what is needed to do that. Check out John Scott’s Nitro today at the link above; they have a number of solid products.

Rating: 8.5/10

John Scott’s Nitro – Myto Charge (Fat Burner) / 80 Capsules / /

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One thought on “John Scott’s Nitro – Myto Charge (Fat Burner)”

  1. I just ordered this product – loved the wide range of ingredients. It was so challenging to find a fat burning supplement that did not contain magnesium stearate which I’ve just learned about the potential downsides of. It seems to be in 95% of supplements. Excited to see how this product will perform. I highly recommend everyone check all the ingredients listed on your supplements, including “other ingredients” which can be the most harmful ones.

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