Kyle Eastwood – Songs From The Chateau (CD)

Kyle Eastwood has been releasing albums since 1998, but I do not feel as if ey has really had that one defining moment for eir as a musician. However, I believe that Eastwood’s work on Songs From The Cheateau represents eir magnum opus, and that each of the tracks here provide listeners with a great insight for whom Eastwood is and will be in the years and albums to come. Songs From The Chateau begins with Marciac, a track that showcases a great deal of French and Spanish influences.

While there is a decidedly continental look on each of the tracks on Songs From The Chateau, fans of American jazz will love Eastwood’s work in Over The Line. Situated right after the ode to Spain, Andalucia, Eastwood and eir band do a tremendous job in creating a soundscape that will feel like the dusty bars of a New York or a Chicago. Each of the compositions on Songs From The Chateau range from around five to seven minutes, with the additional time given the songs allowing for Eastwood to interact with the rest of eir band.

These compositions are contemplative and they are nuanced, ensuring that listeners have to listen numerous times before fully understanding what exactly ey has done. With nary a weak track to be found on Songs From The Chateau, Kyle Eastwood has a tremendous album on eir fans. While tied to the jazz genre, I believe the quality in which each track is created will bring a much larger audience to Eastwood’s side or to any live date that ey may have in the years to come.

Top Tracks: Moon Over Couronneau

Rating: 8.4/10

Kyle Eastwood – Songs From The Chateau (CD) / 2011 Mack Avenue / 9 Tracks / /

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