Lie to Me: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)

This DVD set contains the last thirteen episodes of Lie to Me; while the shows had slightly softer ratings than did the other two seasons, I feel that the writers and actors were able to really create a special series. The backstories for each of the main cast of characters were further fleshed out this season, while there is a sense that there could be some serious story arcs should the show have made it to the fourth season.

Rebound, an episode starring Victoria Pratt, is perhaps the strongest effort put forth this season. In this episode, the Lightman Group is given the opportunity to check out a client’s boyfriend’s background. When eir story does not end up checking out, it is up to Foster, Loker, Reynolds, and Torres to bring eir into custody. The series ends with Killer App, where a murder of a former associate of Foster makes the case that much more personal. Julia Campbell and David Sutcliffe star in Beyond Belief, which looks into the allure that self-help leaders have over their followers and what exactly they could get these followers to do in their name.

Make sure to purchase the third season of Lie To Me; strong enough sales may just be what Fox needs to bring this show back on the air. The premise of the show was fresh enough and the cast cohesive enough that fans of television in general (rather than of mysteries specifically) will find something that they can appreciate here. With a full 10 hours of features, Lie To Me’s third season DVD set should make anyone happy – get it to them as a holiday or a birthday type of gift.

Rating: 8.3/10

Lie to Me: The Complete Third Season (DVD Set) / 2011 Fox / 572 Minutes /

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