Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite (Drink)

Marley’s Mellow Mood is a beverage that is rare to find. Where there are a number of different products that are on the market that contain a similar constellation of compounds to Marley’s Mellow Mood, all of them just disappoint in the taste department. Furthermore, these drinks all have a high amount of calories and carbohydrates. Marley’s Mellow Mood avoids both of these icebergs and comes out with one of the most refreshing and sweet beverages in its class.

The drink works based on the inclusion of a number of different plants, herbs, and chemicals. The whole bouquet of these includes hops, chamomile, lemon balm, melatonin, valerian root and passion flower. Drinking one of the Marley’s Mellow Mood beverages will give an individual an easy and refreshing sleep, no matter how long one has to lay down.

The “Arnold Palmer” version of Marley’s Mellow Mood that we received – half lemonade and half tea – has the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. While the temperatures are going doing seemingly every day, I believe that the refreshing taste of this Marley’s Mellow Mood will ensure that it remains in one’s book bag or purse long after the first snows start occurring. If you like natural drinks, new efforts, or just want to have a came and sedate night, there is no reason that you should not seek out Marley’s Mellow Mood today. The distribution is good enough that you should be able to find it in stores around your neck of the woods, but their website contains a list of different places that carry the beverage. Check it out today.

Rating: 9.0/10

Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite – Half Lemonade Half Tea (Drink) /

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