Miss Nobody (DVD)

Miss Nobody is a film that I believe strays away from different conceptions about current cinema; this unique film ties together a strong cast and crew and tells an interesting story. Specifically, Miss Nobody ties together Leslie Bibb (as Sarah Jane McKinney) with Brandon Routh (Milo Beeber) in a cat-eat-dog type of tale. Where Bibb’s character’s chance at promotion is seemingly shattered by Routh’s upstart character, something has to be done.

With certain crimes committed, the presence of a detective into Bibb’s life threatens to change everything for the worse. As more individuals begin to clog up McKinney’s path to success, they all fall victim to gruesome dispatches. Whether McKinney will get eir come-uppance before the end of the film is something that viewers will have to see. Miss Nobody is humorous, dark, and has solid performances that are turned in by Vivica A. Fox, the aforementioned Bibb and Routh, Kathy Baker and Missi Pyle.

The video quality of this DVD is solid, colors are realistic while being vibrant, while the audio track will not disappoint. Inception has picked up a solid film, and I believe that fans of movies like Heathers will be able to easily get into the action that is present here. I’d reckon that one would do well picking up Miss Nobody from an online retailer; distribution (and price) of the title at brick and mortar may not be what individuals would necessarily like.

Rating: 7.4/10

Miss Nobody (DVD) / 2011 Inception Media Group / 90 Minutes / http://www.inceptionmediagroup.com

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