Phase 7 (DVD)

There are a number of horror movies that look to take a more comical take on the genre. The amount that these films vary in terms of quality and of star caliber involved is similarly substantial; saying that, it becomes necessary to look at reviews and determine whether this is a hit or miss.

Phase 7 is a title that does not benefit from an American’s familiarity with their actors – this is an Argentinian film. However, there is more than enough to the plot that individuals from across the world will be able to identify with and appreciate what was put down to film here. At the beginning of the film, a virus is at the beginning stages of infecting the world. When it becomes evident that this virus has hit a group of individuals at an apartment complex, the authorities immediately quarantine the area. As this blockade continues, it becomes evident that the government is not going to provide assistance for those living in the apartment. When the inhabitants learn that there is a stockpile of food in an apartment, all niceties and human-level behavior go down the tubes.

Phase 7 is a look into the psyche of humanity; is that how individuals would act if they were locked up without any extra form of assistance? The blurring of the lines between drama and dark comedy is such that fans of both genres will appreciate what is present here. The English subtitles of the film feel fitting and do not take the viewer out of the immersive experience of Phase 7. Check out what The Collective is doing with their back catalog, and be prepared to watch some solid world films as a result.

Rating: 8.2/10

Phase 7 (DVD) / 2011 The Collective / 95 Minutes /

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