Puzzler Mind Gym 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

The Nintendo 3DS has been a console that has had only a small supply of games that have been worth the additional price of the console. However, Puzzler Mind Gym 3D is a title that will have players coming back for more. This is due to the fact that the sheer amount of mini-games that are present here will have a players’ brain tied in knots in a variety of different ways. These titles are oriented in a way similar to that found in the Wario Ware series of titles.

Word-based, visual, memorization and numerical games will open players’ brains in a variety of ways, while the 3D functionality of the 3DS will add an additional dimension to the play style. The different daily options that are available to players, coupled with the data collection of the game, will show any sort of increase in the mental acuity of a player. Professor Ian Robertson has created a title in Puzzler Mind Gym 3D that will equally challenge players of all age levels and skill categories – while the games themselves may be on the easy side to play, they are definitely on the hard side to master.

I believe that this genre of games lends itself well to the 3DS console, and players that wish to see the extent of what the 3DS can do would do well to purchase a copy of the title. Here’s to hoping that Professor Robertson has a number of different ideas up eir sleeve; I know that I would love to see a few more titles in this series before everything is said and done.

Rating: 8.5/10

Puzzler Mind Gym 3D (Nintendo 3DS) / 2011 Ubisoft / http://www.ubi.com

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